Unbridled Solutions

commercial | Office design

Our client Unbridled Solutions, an event planning and communications company, wanted a new office space that “allows us to work individually and then come together as a family”.  Using this request as a primary driver for our design, we organized the conference room, collating room, creative room and kitchen/dining area around a central core.  This core was highlighted by a long wood awning overhead that contained lighting and hid HVAC and other systems.  Visually, this established the rooms in the center as the area where both sides of the office came together, to work collaboratively.

Instead of pushing the manager offices to the outside of the space, we located them much closer to the middle core so that the managers would be closer to, and more involved with, group activities.  Those offices were designed as office “pods” with glass doors and windows aligned with each other down the length of the hallways to make the space feel more open.

Other features include the kitchen/dining area which was made large enough for informal group meetings, and floor to ceiling glass white boards in the creative room, conference room, and certain offices.